Projecta 12V 1800W Pro-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 1 Year Warranty



Projecta 12V 1800W Pro-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 1 Year Warranty. An AC powerhouse, the PW1800 delivers so much starting power it will operate almost any appliance you can throw at it. Features: Approved output socket: AS/NZ approved 240V sockets. Inverter designed to Australian standard AS4763 Digital display: LED display provides information on battery voltage, power usage and load capacity Thermostatically controlled cooling fan: Cools inverter to allow it to work harder for longer Wiring kit: Battery lugs with 1050mm 21.2mm2 battery cable Optional remote control: Optional remote control enabling the inverter to be stowed out of sight, keeping the cabin area uncluttered Remote control: The option of a flush mount remote control on select models allows the unit to be mounted alongside the main battery and out of sight, yet affords total user control for switching the inverter on and off remotely.  Greater starting power: Pro-Wave inverters deliver far greater start up power than equivalent modified sine wave Inverters to effortlessly run more of your favourite appliances. Engineered to run at 120% surge for 8 minutes and 200% for half a second. Fully isolated design: Safety is paramount around 240V, and in particular with inverters, which is why Projecta fully electrically isolates the DC (and therefore battery posts, vehicle chassis, etc) from the 240V AC circuit. This ensures the user total peace of mind, knowing all they need to think about is what they want to power and where. Superior noise filtering: As a result of producing ultra clean power with greatly reduced interference, mirroring that of the power you would expect from your household 240V outlets, the Pro-Wave range prevents any electrical noise/static from being produced when running sensitive appliances. What is Pure Sine Wave: There are two different types of inverters, modified sine wave and pure sine wave. The difference between the two is how closely the output replicates mains power. The process used to create the power from a pure sine wave inverter is more complex and therefore they are more costly, however they are best for use on medical equipment and sensitive electrical appliances due to their ultra clean power delivery. They allow you to watch television without static, listen to an AM radio, play your favourite game on an XboxTM, PlaystationTM or WiiTM and run a fluoro, all of which may not operate properly on a modified sine wave inverter. Why choose a Pro-Wave pure sine wave inverter? A number of important factors to understand and consider when purchasing a pure sine wave inverter: Power Rating – is it continuous? Check the ratings carefully as this rating applies to the continuous amount of power the inverter will produce without the inverter overheating or shutting down. Some manufacturers quote a rating based on as little as 10 minutes operation, while others can’t start under a full load, delivering as little as 70% of the rating. Pro Wave inverters will run at their rating continuously and can start under full load. Surge (Peak) Rating – how long is the surge capability? A high surge is required to start some appliances and once running they may need considerably less power to maintain operation. TVs and refrigerators are examples of items that require only relatively low power once running, but require a high surge to start. Many cheaper inverters will run for 1 ⁄50th of a second not allowing the appliance to start properly. Pro-Wave can run at 120% surge for 8 minutes and 200% for half a second. Maximum Operating Temperatur – are they built for Australian conditions? Is the inverter you are choosing designed to operate in warm climates? Inverters are inevitably going to be used in hot climates, therefore it is vitally important that you can be sure your inverter will not let you down; that it will continue to power your appliances in extreme temperature conditions. For example the outback traveller can often find themselves in daily temperatures starting at 0°C, rising to 45°C. Pro-Wave pure sine wave inverters have been specifically designed and tested to maintain operation in temperatures up to 50°C, outperforming many inferior products which are only capable of operating in temperatures below 40°C.  

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