Projecta 12V 25A Power Management Board, 1 Year Warranty



Projecta 12V 25A Power Management Board, 1 Year Warranty. Utilising the latest range of premium ‘Intelli’ power management equipment, these 25 Amp power boards are a sophisticated and complete system that is ideal for caravan and motor home applications. Pre-built, these all-in-one units enable quick and easy installation. Features: 7 stage charger: A sophisticated 7A automatic charger that features multi-chemistry selection and adjustable output to match your battery type DC/solar controller: Advanced battery charger that utilises both solar and the tow vehicle’s power to deliver a comprehensive 3 stage charge Fuse distribution box: A 12-way standard ATS blade fuse/circuit breaker block with single grounding and dual power inputs Low voltage disconnect: A robust and compact unit that protects expensive deep cycle batteries from damage caused by over-discharge Direct battery connection: Heavy-duty positive and negative terminal posts allow for quick and direction connection to the batteries (P/No. INVPOSTS) 240V Charging: Charge Type: 7 Stage Automatic Input: 240VAC, 50Hz, 792W Output: 12V Output Current: 2, 6,12, 25A Batteries Supported: Gel, AGM, Wet & Calcium Solar Controller:  Charge Type: 3 Stage Input: 9-32Vdc Max Input: 23Vdc, 385W Max Load: 20A Batteries Supported: GEL, AGM & WET LVD CONTROL:  Input Voltage: 10-16V Output Current: 30A Disconnect Voltage Setpoints: 10.0V, 10.5V, 11.0V, 12.0V Reconnect Voltage: 13.0V Fuse Block: Load: 30A per circuit, 120A per block at 12V Circuits: 6-Way ATS Blade Fuses

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