Projecta 24V 3000W Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 1 Year Warranty



Projecta 24V 3000W Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 1 Year Warranty. Designed to power up and run the most demanding appliances with ease and reliability, Projecta’s new IP3000-24 inverter joins the Intelli-wave family as our most powerful inverter to date. This pure sine wave powerhouse offers an incredible 6000W of peak power for up to 3 seconds and 4500W for up to 10 seconds, overcoming the most demanding appliance start up requirements. With 2400W/10A of continuous power provided by its 240V AC socket, and 3000W/13A when hardwired via the included wiring kit, there is little on the go that the IP3000-24 can’t operate with complete safety and peace of mind. The inverter can be wired for remote activation via the switch node, allowing it to be neatly installed out of view or in the case of OEM applications. A selectable “eco mode” allows the inverter to shut off output if load value is less than 50VA, preserving power. A fully isolated unit, complies with AS/NZS 4763 standards, IP3000-24 incorporates a host of advanced safety features, including voltage, temperature, fault and overload protections, safeguarding against injury and damage to sensitive appliances, electrical systems or batteries. Input voltage, output load level and fault code LED indicators plus an audible alarm ensure easy error diagnosis, whilst the unit itself comes backed by Projecta’s 2 year warranty. Features: Enormous 6900W Surge Power, 6000W for 3 seconds Up to 13A (3000W) constant output Selectable power saving mode Output for remote activation Thermostatically controlled cooling fan Fully isolated, complies with AS/NZS 4763 Voltage, temperature, fault and overload protection Input voltage, output load level and fault code indicators Pre-terminated wiring kit included for easy connection

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