Projecta 6/12/24V Automatic 40 AMP 8 Stage Battery Manager, 1 Year Warranty



Projecta 6/12/24V Automatic 40 AMP 8 Stage Battery Manager, 1 Year Warranty. Perfect for the modern professional workshop, the Battery Manager has the power and functions needed for today’s high tech vehicles. Engineered and manufactured by leading European charger specialist Telwin, it boasts the very latest in battery management. Supplied standard with removable leads and the option of extended leads if needed. Features: Multi-Voltage Operation:  Adjustable to suit 6, 12 or 24 Volt operation Customise Charge Profile: Adjustable output for different battery sizes and chemistry type selection to suit Wet, Calcium, AGM and Gel Testing & Diagnostics: Sophisticated functions to accurately test a vehicles alternator for faults, starting capacity as well as measure voltage levels Engine Start: Delivers a fast charge of 70A for 3 seconds (30 sec cycles) to start vehicles with a flat battery (subject to battery condition) Power Supply Mode: Maintains constant voltage allowing vehicle diagnostics or to retain settings during battery replacement Adjustable output: The sophisticated HDBM Battery Manager offers total customisation of the charge settings, from adjustable output for different battery sizes to chemistry type selection to suit Wet, Calcium, AGM & Gel. Multi-voltage operation: The Workshop charger range features multi-voltage operation, ideal for industrial environments where 6V, 12V or 24V batteries are often utilised. Automatic, safe & easy: Fully automatic and spark-free, the Workshop range offers short circuit and polarity protection making them safe to use on batteries still connected to a vehicle. Can be left connected indefinitely without risk of overcharging. User friendly dials and displays allow quick and easy customisation of settings. Engine Start: The Workshop range of battery chargers feature an engine start function which delivers a high current charge into the battery. It simply requires the charger to be connected to the battery and given a pre-charge after which time you can start your engine (subject to battery condition). 2 & 8 Stage Charging Options: The Workshop range of chargers each feature total automatic charging functionality, and depending on the level of sophistication required for the job at hand are available in either 2 stage (HDBC20 & HDBC35) or 8 stage (HDBM4000) options. The graph below details the different charging stages for both offerings. The two HDBC chargers utilise a traditional, robust and ultra reliable process to deliver a powerful charge suitable for automotive batteries. The 2 stage charging process ensures the battery is topped up quickly, safely and won’t be over charged. The 8 stage charging process of the HDBM4000 ultimately delivers a more sophisticated and thorough charge, giving your batteries longer life & better performance in the long term. An advanced ‘Analysis’ process within the 8 stages tests the battery during the charging process and if a pass is detected will proceed to ‘Float’ mode. A fail however will result in a ‘Recondition’ charge to revive the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will continue to monitor the battery without the risk of overcharging.

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