Projecta 6/12/24V Automatic & Manual 12 AMP 2 Stage Battery Charger, 1 Year Warranty



Projecta 6/12/24V Automatic & Manual 12 AMP 2 Stage Battery Charger, 1 Year Warranty. With plenty of power, engine start function and the ability to charge 6, 12 or 24V batteries, it is perfectly suited to mechanical workshops and auto electricians. Features: Multi-Voltage Operation: Adjustable to suit 6, 12 or 24 Volt operation Automatic Or Manual: Charging options keep the operator in control 0–14 Hour Timer: Automatically turns charger off at set time Engine Start Function: Starts vehicle with a flat battery after a controlled 5 minute charge (subject to battery condition) L.E.D Display: Displays Volt and Amp readings for accurate charge status Multi-voltage operation: The Workshop charger range features multi-voltage operation, ideal for industrial environments where 6V, 12V or 24V batteries are often utilised. Automatic, safe & easy: Fully automatic and spark-free, the Workshop range offers short circuit and polarity protection making them safe to use on batteries still connected to a vehicle. Can be left connected indefinitely without risk of overcharging. User friendly dials and displays allow quick and easy customisation of settings. Engine Start: The Workshop range of battery chargers feature an engine start function which delivers a high current charge into the battery. It simply requires the charger to be connected to the battery and given a pre-charge after which time you can start your engine (subject to battery condition). 2 & 8 Stage Charging Options: The Workshop range of chargers each feature total automatic charging functionality, and depending on the level of sophistication required for the job at hand are available in either 2 stage (HDBC20 & HDBC35) or 8 stage (HDBM4000) options. The graph below details the different charging stages for both offerings. The two HDBC chargers utilise a traditional, robust and ultra reliable process to deliver a powerful charge suitable for automotive batteries. The 2 stage charging process ensures the battery is topped up quickly, safely and won’t be over charged. The 8 stage charging process of the HDBM4000 ultimately delivers a more sophisticated and thorough charge, giving your batteries longer life & better performance in the long term. An advanced ‘Analysis’ process within the 8 stages tests the battery during the charging process and if a pass is detected will proceed to ‘Float’ mode. A fail however will result in a ‘Recondition’ charge to revive the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will continue to monitor the battery without the risk of overcharging.  

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