Projecta PM100 RV Power Management System, 1 Year Warranty



Projecta PM100 RV Power Management System, 1 Year Warranty. The entry level system for set-and-forget battery system management. Includes centralised unit for neat and easy wiring of lighting and electricals, 35A power supply, 5 stage charging via DC 100A VSR* or 20A charge via AC plug. PM100 connects your service/caravan battery to the vehicle starter battery and ensures alternator charge prioritises the starter battery first. It protects the voltage of the starter battery so you can start your car every single time, even with a heavy load on the auxiliary. Features 10 channel fused output via screw terminals, L.E.D status indicators and charge or power supple switch. *100A for 30mins 60A continuous Features: Voltage Sensitive Relay engages & disengages with engine 20A Charger, 35A Power Supply Screw terminals for input and output Charge or Power Supply Switch LVD to protect the battery from deep discharge  

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