Revolution 100Ah Lithium Battery + Redarc Manager30 Charging Solution, 5 Year Warranty



Revolution 100Ah Lithium Battery + Redarc Manager30 Charging Solution, 5 Year Warranty. The perfect solution for those wanting to upgrade from their old AGM batteries to an RPL12-100Ah lithium battery with an "all in one" charging solution. Pack Includes: Revolution Power 12v 100Ah Lithium Battery RPL12-100 Amp Redarc Manager30 S3 30A 12/24V Battery Management System BMS1230S Revolution Power 12v 100Ah Lithium Battery Revolution Power Australia’s lithium batteries are the ultimate in deep-cycle battery technology, delivering unrivalled performance and product life span. They have Australia’s most advanced state of the art Battery Management System (BMS) inbuilt for peace of mind when it comes to battery protection and safety. The Revolution Power Australia 12Volt 100Ah Lithium Battery is Australia’s favourite choice when it comes to reliable, robust and quality lithium batteries. Its quick re-charge and constant voltage make it perfect for 4wd’s and caravaners in search of dependable power, when 240v power is unavailable. It’s light weight and standard size make it perfect for 4wder’s and caravaners in search of a dependable power source when there is no 240v power. When used in parallel, they can power a 2000W inverter to charge all your gadgets, as well as run major appliances like toaster, coffee machine and fridges. This particular setup has been adopted by the caravan industry throughout Australia, as well as being the popular choice for Pat Callinan and MR 4×4. Benefits: Up to 1/3 the weight of traditional AGM batteries Faster recharge times than AGM’s Up to 5000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge Purposely built for Caravans, Camper trailers, Motor homes, 4WD, Marine Vessels, Trucks In built BMS to control cell balancing, over and under voltage protection, short circuit protection Use in parallel to increase your capacity for longer storage Proudly Australian owned and operated NOTE: The manufacturer advises that Revolution Power Lithium Batteries must be charged via lithium battery chargers from Redarc or Victron. This is due to the required charging profile. Failure to use a battery charger authorised by the manufacturer may void warranty.    Redarc Manager30 S3 30A 12/24V Battery Management System The next generation Manager30 S3 model is the complete battery management system for charging auxiliary batteries used in recreational automotive and marine applications. The dual battery system incorporates AC, DC and solar inputs to achieve the best charge for an auxiliary battery. Developed with ease of installation in mind, The Manager30 is compatible with all vehicles and alternator systems including variable voltage alternators. Whether you’re charging Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium, AGM or Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, The Manager30 represents a complete DC to DC charging and maintenance solution. If you’re charging one auxiliary battery or more, The Manager30 will ensure they’re always fully charged, providing peace of mind when battery charge provides the power source for the comforts of home whilst travelling around Australia. The Manager30 operates like 6 separate products, it charges an auxiliary battery from the vehicle while on the move, it’s a 240 volt charger, a solar regulator, a battery isolator, a load disconnect controller, all with a remote battery monitor, making it market leading. Charging lithium batteries Lithium batteries have improved storage capacity relative to size and weight. They do however require specific charging conditions in order to operate correctly and the battery itself must have an in-built cell management system. REDARC have designed a charging profile within The Manager30 to complement these in-built systems. Green power priority The Manager30 is designed to charge an auxiliary battery from multiple sources simultaneously. If 12 volt solar power is available, solar power will be used before topping up the output charging current from another source mains (if available) or DC vehicle power when on the move. MPPT solar regulator The built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator allows The Manager30 to deliver the maximum amount of power from portable solar panels, even during low light conditions. Remote monitor Designed to show you auxiliary battery information and charge status. You can customise how your battery is charged and monitor where the charge is coming from. A user-friendly, graphical display monitor lets you know what’s going on, keeping you in control at all times. Features: Multi Stage AC-DC Battery Charger Multi Stage DC to DC Charger Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Regulator Battery Monitor Dual Battery Isolator Load Disconnect Controller Super quiet operation Charges AGM, Gel, Calcium content, VRLA, Standard Lead Acid and LiFePO4 batteries Tested to mains power safety standards in Australia    

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