Silentwind Sailing Boat Wind Generator 400, 12V, 1 year warranty


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Silentwind Sailing Boat Wind Generator 400, 12V, 1 year warranty.  Silentwind 400+ Turbine Series:  a new and improved wind generator –  This model has higher efficiency due to it’s earlier charging start-up. It also features faster wind tracking and stable operating performance due to an enlarged wind-deflector. The Silentwind 400+ has an additional body bearing for a more precise guidance of the wind generator and smoother operating. The new generator has reinforced mast support for higher safety reserves under strong winds. Features: 3-phase brushless AC-generator with permanent magnets Available in 12V / 24V or 48V Weighs only 6.8kg Low noise emission With hand laminated, UV-resistant carbon fibre (CFRP) – rotor blades; successfully tested in the wind tunnel at hurricane wind-speeds of 122 km/h, creating 5480 rpm with sonic velocity at the blade-tips Very good start-up performance due to a low cogging torque at 2.2m/s wind speed Fast charging start-up Universal application at low, middle and high wind speeds For marine and land-use and professional applications Durable and low maintenance Includes an external Hybrid-Charge Controller with LCD Display for all relevant operational data as W, A, V, Ah, kWh and with the option to connect up to 400Wp solar panels Applications: Silentwind can be used in many applications like: Sailing boats Off-grid application Net-Grid connection (48V) Charging stations Holiday homes Wireless LAN – Access – Points Research and monitoring units Projects in developing countries Traffic management systems Emergency systems Street lamps Optional Accessories: 337705 Segment Mast 337706 Mast Mounting Kit 337707 Silent Power Blades 337708 Rotorblade hub white w/ screw kit M6 337709 Nose Cone    

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