Smarttek 4.3 Litre Per Minute Pump


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Should the pump on your Smarttek Black Hot Water System fail, or you simply want to grab a replacement, then the Smarttek 4.3 Litre Per Minute Pump is a great option. This pump functions with a diaphragm system, operating from a 12V DC power source such as an auxiliary battery. The strength of the pump is quite good too, with the capability to pump water up to 10 metres away from the unit with an incline of 3 metres.

Smarttek has invested in designing a quality pump, including an anti-dry run through, ensuring the pump remains in good condition should your water source run empty. It also self-primes, meaning that you can put the hose into the water source and it will automatically start pumping the water from a bucket, dam, river or stream. Included in the package is a 2.5-metre wiring harness with SAE waterproof quick-connects, an on/off switch and 2 alligator clips for battery connection.

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