Sportztrek Polypropylene Thermal Long Johns – Black – Medium


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Polypropylene Thermal Underwear provide the ultimate solution in keeping you perspiration free, warm and comfortable, by wicking away moisture from the body as you enjoy your favourite winter sport or just travelling in colder climates. Tough and hardwearing Sportztrek thermals, offer maximum performance with ease of movement and without the sacrafice of comfort!

We use one of the softest yarns in the world to produce simple, fast drying and thermally efficent underwear. Sportztrek polypropylene has a higher insulation power of any fibre as it has the lowest thermal conductivity and therefore insulates better. You stay warmer, longer.

Its hydrophobic(water hating) fabric wicks the moisture away from the skin quickly and efficiently to the next layer of clothing helping keep you dry and warm.

Non-clinging fabric helps to avoid the post-training chill as our classics designs help with ease of movement for active sports people. You stay more comfortable longer and over a greater range of activities.

The skin maintains a more constant tempreature during strenuous activities than polyester and is an ideal choice for outdoor, sporting and leisure activities.

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