Stanley 79CC Petrol Plate Compactor, 2 Year Warranty


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Stanley 79CC Petrol Plate Compactor, 2 year warranty. This Stanley Plate Compactor is ideal for paving projects like driveways, landscaping or preparing foundations for concreting. The SGC-8000N has a powerful 79cc motor generating 2.0HP ideal for the compaction of granular soils. It features a wide ring handle, folding levers and wheels for space saving storage and easy transport, hanging loop for lifting by crane or hoist, paving pad kit, automatic oil stop and a recoil starter for an easy start. Features: 4 Stroke Technology: No mixing of fuel required Folding Levers and wheels: For space saving storage and fast and easy transport Easy Start: Innovative recoil-starter which allows a very easy start Wide Ring Handle: For an easier operation and a 360 degree grip Hanging Loop: For lifting by crane or hoist Inclusions: Paving pad kit, folding wheels kit, automatic oil stop Warranty: 2 Year    

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