Sterling BBW1220 Pro Charge B DC to DC Battery Charger 12V-12V 20A 4-step charger, 2 year warranty



Sterling Power DC input “ProCharge-B” onboard 4-step charger, 2 year warranty Sometimes you need to power up your good times quickly – without worrying about weather conditions or salt water. Like when you’re fishing and you need to recharge your electric marine motor so you can keep angling for the big one. The ideal solution is the Sterling Pro Charge B. Faster than a standard charger, the Sterling Pro Charge B can power up Lead Acid (Flooded) or Gel batteries. So you can switch to your outboard motor and be ready for bass fishing again in no time at all. IP68 protected and quick to charge, the Sterling Pro Charge B is prewired so it’s fast and easy to install.  Why choose Pro Charge B Waterproof Battery to Battery Charger (built to IP68)? Not only does the charger connect the 12V starter battery to the trolling motor bank it also chargers them at their correct voltage scale and profile. This encourages the alternator to work at a much higher capacity and results in faster charge between fishing stops and better maintenance of your trolling motor batteries. Bass Boat Charging Why not charge the bass boat batteries while driving along? Connect a Pro Charge B from the truck starter via an Anderson type socket at the back of the truck to the Prime Wiring setup. This example allows you to fast charge while driving to and from the lake and then while cruising on the lake. Shore Power Shore Power Charger (AC to DC). Directing shore power to the engine starter battery shall activate the Pro Charge B to charge the trolling motor batteries at their correct profile at 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V. Alternator Charging Charging performance of alternator or magneto without a Pro Charge B will produce about 1-2A. With a Pro Charge B, you can expect the output from the charging source to run at a much higher rate – up to 25A at 12V. Larger alternators do not adversely affect the product as its current limiting. Features: Great for Dual motor Systems 12V input and 12V output for faster charging Intelligent 4-stage battery charger keeps batteries in top condition Keeps enough power in your start battery to restart your engine Comes with everything you need to easy DIY installation Can be permanently mounted or temporarily installed Reverse polarity, ignition and temperature protection Charge status and power LED indicators Boost / Reduce Charging. The Pro Charge B shall ensure your batteries get the correct charging profile for your batteries irrespective of high or low input voltage. IP68, totally waterproof, fully encapsulated can be submerged in water up to 1m Various activation modes. Automatic mode works from sensing voltage. Manual mode works from switch override. In regenerative braking mode the chargers stays on down to 12.2V. Suitable for battery banks up to about 200Ah at 12V. Pre-Wired and Pre-Fused cables. 1.5 m / 70 inches cable length. up to 300W rating Regenerative Braking friendly. this product can be used in vehicles with regenerative braking / smart alternators. Battery Chemistry type selection. 6 battery chemistry types including AGM, Gel, sealed/flooded lead-acid, and LiFePO4.

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