Thetford T1090, 12V Compressor Fridge 80L, 3 Year Warranty



Thetford T1090, 12V Compressor Fridge 80L, 3 year warranty. Thetford’s T1090 Compressor fridge offers very powerful, but efficient cooling on 12V and still gives you the great service and a quality that you have come to expect from Thetford. Benefits: Compact 80L fridge 12V only Strong but quiet Secop compressor No external vents required – no dust! Very energy efficient: 4amp on day mode and 2amp on night mode Environmentally conscious refrigerant R600A Powerful cooling and no vents required The compact (80L) fridge has a strong 12V compressor, which results in a powerful cooling performance. The standard mode is highly rated with the Subtropical Climate class, which guarantees an average cabinet temperature below 4˚C. The optimal installation is the T1090 at the top, at eye level, offering ergonomic use while taking food in or out the refrigerator. The interior features a design containing two vegetable bins, food retainers to keep your food in place while driving, and bottle retainers in the door bins. A unique back venting system increases the cooling performance thanks to the separation of hot and cold air. The ventilation is integrated which means that external vents are not required. Green power Thetford cares about the Australian environment and that is why we used natural refrigerant R600A as cooling liquid in the T1090. Within the market, Thetford are one of the first to make this change to a more environmental conscious refrigerant. Efficient power The power consumption is economical and gives you a lot freedom and less need to visit a pitch or campsite. The T1090 offers a standard day mode and a special night mode. The standard day mode has an energy consumption of 0,45 KwH per 24 hours, with 0,35 KwH per 24 hours for the night mode. Efficiency at its finest! Silent power Thetford’s T1090 is a very quiet compressor refrigerator. The standard noise level reaches 32 dB(A) (average bedroom noise level is 30-40 db(A)). If you want to reduce the noise level, you can activate the night mode. The noise level drops with 3 decibel to 29 dB(A). Notes There is no exterior door skin. The door is silver coloured coated foam, with black plastic trim. A laminate panel or ply can be fitted to the door to match your decor. (The product images show an example of a black panel fitted, which is not supplied). The refrigerator door can be easily converted from left to right.  Average energy consumption at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees. This fridge runs on 12 volt DC power. To run the fridge from 240 Volt mains power, you will need use a Power Adaptor – these are popular for when AC mains power (240 Volt) is available and you want to run 12 Volt DC appliances. Adaptor options avaliable in accessories list above. NOTE: This product has changed size from T1090 90L to T1090 80L.

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