Thunder 5W 80 Channel Mini Compact UHF & Antenna, 1 Year Warranty



5W 80 Channel Mini Compact UHF & Antenna. Stay in touch with travel companions and emergency services while on weekend escapes and outside of mobile phone coverage. When driving off-road you need to stay in contact with those travelling with you and mobile phone coverage can’t always be relied upon. The Thunder UHF Radio will keep you in contact with the rest of your party without having to rely on mobile phone coverage. The Thunder UHF Radio has 80 channels to ensure clear contact with those travelling with you and the steel barrel spring antenna will provide stress relief for the antenna if hit by an obstruction or in high wind/speed. A quick release cradle and backlit LCD display and keypad make the unit easy to use, while the flip mountable speaker provides easy installation. Features: Digital selective calling Compact chassis Channel scan capability Quick release cradle Flip mountable for easy installation Backlit LCD screen and keypad External speaker jack 75cm 5dB antenna with 35mm black Stainless steel barrel spring

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