Victron VE.Bus to VE.Can interface, 5 Year Warranty


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Victron VE.Bus to VE.Can interface, 5 Year Warranty. The VE.Direct to VE.CAN interface cable can be used to make BMV-700 information available on a VE.Can network. Where it can be read by a Color Control GX for example. Limitations: The interface cable does not work with other VE.Direct products, such as Solar Chargers, Inverters and the BMV-712 Smart. When used in combination with a BMV-702 there is limited functionality with regards to the AUX function in the BMV: When used to measure starter battery voltage, that voltage will be transmitted to VE.Can. But when used to measure temperature and or mid-voltage, that data will not be transmitted on the VE.Can network. DEPRECATED: This interface cable is deprecated. Use a GX Device instead, it provides more and better functionality.

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