Victron VE.Direct Non-Inverting Remote On-Off Cable


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Victron VE.Direct Non-Inverting Remote On-Off Cable. Use this cable to remotely control BlueSolar and SmartSolar MPPT charge controller models. The charger will be enabled when the signal on the cable is high. The charger is disabled when the source signal is pulled low or left free floating. Features:  Remotely control charge controller models.  Enabled when signal on cable is high.  Disbaled when signal is low or free floating.  *Note: that when using this cable, it’s not possible to use the VE.Direct port for any other purpose. Such as connecting to a GX device, or for example a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle on a BlueSolar charger. *Note: that it’s not necessary to use this cable on the larger SmartSolar models, as they feature an onboard Remote On/Off terminal.

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