Vitrifrigo DRW70A 80 Litre Stainless Steel Drawer Fridge Freezer, 2 Year Warranty



Currently FREE with the Vitrifrigo DRW70A 80 Litre Stainless Steel Drawer Fridge Freezer is a Travino Flask, Aqua Mist (RRP $54)!  Product Description: Vitrifrigo DRW70A 80 Litre Stainless Steel Drawer Fridge Freezer, 2 Year Warranty. The DRW70A is a refrigerator and freezer at the same time, thanks to the "all in one" function of the DRW series. In addition, the remote cooling unit allows to get enough internal space for all refrigeration needs. Features of the Vitrifrigo DW/DRW fridge series One of the strongest positive catch/lock in the market 316AISI stainless steel No-frost ventilated fridge compartment The Fridge/Freezer range – Fridge and freezer can be run independently from each other and either the fridge or freezer can be switched off separately from one another Features: Double Door Position – Double position DOOR INSIDE-DOOR OUTSIDE with one fitting flange R290 Gas – The DRW series uses R290 natural refrigerant with low GWPng flange D-Power – Power supply with dual electronic control unit available (optional) LED light – High brightness LED light system for a better internal viewing All In One – refrigerator+freezer Smart Handle – Waterproof d igital thermostat with touchscreen display and vent-position system 3-Star freezer – The freezer reaches -18°C with an ambient temperature up to 43°C New Drawers – New generation soft close runners and internal dividers Total No Frost – The new ventilation system ensures better food storage

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