Vitrifrigo DW75RFX 75 Litre Steelock Drawer Fridge Freezer, 1 Year Warranty



Vitrifrigo DW75RFX 75 Litre Steelock Drawer Fridge Freezer, 1 Year Warranty. The Stainless Steel Series has been completely updated in both design and function. The stylish new square edge door design with the Steelock positive latch handle has the added functionality of a vent position for air circulation during periods of non-use preventing mould or bad odours in the fridge. The single section, stainless steel fitting frame allows the fridge to be securely fixed either with the door flush or proud of your furniture and has integrated vent slots to improve air flow and the efficiency of the cooling unit behind. AX models are equipped with a holding plate to maintain the temperature in the fridge for extended periods either over night or when there is limited power available. Features of the Vitrifrigo DW/DRW fridge series One of the strongest positive catch/lock in the market 316AISI stainless steel No-frost ventilated fridge compartment The Fridge/Freezer range – Fridge and freezer can be run independently from each other and either the fridge or freezer can be switched off separately from one another Features: Drawer – stainless steel drawer for every need Double Door Position – Double position DOOR INSIDE-DOOR OUTSIDE with one fitting flange Steelock – design and technology into a "top" locking system Vent position – important function to avoid unpleasant odours when not in use Self venting frame – the slotting system improves ventilation D power (optional) – 12/24Vdc – 100-240Vac 50/60Hz dual electronic control LED light – High intensity new LED lighting system "fridge only" version – Available upon request   Overall Dimension with Door Inside Mounting Flange   Buil-In Dimension with Door Inside – Door Outside Mounting Flanges

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