Yamaha EF2800i, 2800w Inverter Generator with Bonus Pack, 4 Year Warranty


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BONUS PACK with the Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator! ($165 of Accessories): COVER (rrp $80) | 1 LITRE BOTTLE OF OIL (rrp $20) | SECURITY CABLE (rrp $65) Bonus Pack is only on offer for a limited time, while stocks last. Product Description:  Built within a compact and robust frame, the Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator is one of the most versatile units in the Yamaha range. Its imposing maximum output of 2800 watts is accompanied with market leading features to ensure its operation is fuel efficient and extremely reliable. Firstly, a massive 11.2 litre tank means you can get 17 hours run time at a quarter load. Complimenting this, the Yamaha smart throttle technology maximises fuel efficiency by adjusting the engine speed directly in line with the output requirements. Secondly, the generator’s inverter system produces clean power output, so it is safe to run any sensitive electronic equipment like, smart phones, computers and TV’s. All this comes within an efficiently sized unit weighing under 30 kilograms. Typically generators of this tough, metal-framed design do not have inverter and smart throttle technology and are only suitable for running heavier power equipment… but the Yamaha EF2800i is far more accommodating to such a range of uses, including; camping, caravanning, outdoor events/functions, domestic backup, as well as trade and agricultural tasks. We recommend this unit for customers requiring an inverter generator to run appliances for longer periods, such as their fridge/freezers when there is a blackout for a day or more. Also very popular for those intending to use their generator for more than one application; i.e. recreational uses as well as for work purposes or domestic backup.        Considered to be a smart choice in the premium inverter generator range given it delivers 2800 watts maximum and is priced for under $2,000. Complete with a four year warranty and additional safety features including low oil alert to prevent engine damage, this unit will provide you reliable portable power for many, many years to come.     FEATURES AT A GLANCE: Inverter system voltage regulator producing clean power Easy recoil start assisted by auto decompressor Safety features: electronic circuit breaker system and low oil alert Noise level suppressor and inbuilt muffler for quiet operation Smart throttle technology to maximise fuel efficiency SUITABLE FOR: Domestic Backup  Trade applications Farming/Agricultural uses Caravanning/Motorhomes Special Events/Functions DIY projects FEATURES BENEFITS Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control. Can run products with built-in microcomputers or microcomputer-controlled electric tools. “Economy Control” electrical governor. Improves fuel economy Reduces noise. Multi-polar alternator. Reduces weight Compact design Exceptional power output to weight ratio. OHV 171cc Engine. (overhead valve). Improved efficiency Quieter operation Increased reliability. Cast iron cylinder lining. Provides consistent performance during continuous use. Oil Watch oil warning system. Prevents engine damage Avoids costly repairs Minimises down time Provides added peace of mind Enhances long-term durability. USFS-approved spark arrestor. Reduces chance of fires caused by an errant spark Quiet operation. Noise Suppressor. Added convenience. Specially designed muffler. Reduces weight Reduces noise. AC Non-fuse Thermal Breaker. Peace of mind. Added durability.  

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