Yamaha EF5500FW, 5.5kVA Petrol Generator, 4 Year Warranty


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This new and vastly improved 5.5 kVA petrol powered Yamaha generator supersedes its previous model providing more power, greater fuel economy and more advanced portable power technology. The EF5500FW boasts a powerful 12 hp engine producing 5500 Watts at peak and 5000 Watts continuous. Additional features include 2x 15 Amp outlets and a circuit breaker, 28-litre long range fuel tank that will run continuously for up to 17.5 hours (half load) and an extra large muffler for super quiet operation. This new model also includes digital multi-function metre display to show cumulative running time and voltage.  Built for tough environments with a high strength frame, this unit is exceptionally fuel efficient and popular for trade and construction applications as well as farming, agricultural uses and as a domestic or small business backup power option.  A premium grade generator that offers awesome bang for buck and comes complete with 4 year warranty and national service network. FEATURES Brushless alternator Condenser voltage regulator Auto decompressor Non-fused circuit breaker system Fuel level gauge Fuel tap Oil level warning system Voltage Meter Noise level suppressor OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Transportation kit

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