RacksBrax HD Hitch Review

RacksBrax HD Hitch Kit with Wall Mount

A few weeks ago I was approached by Sue Holz, the Marketing and Sales Manager from RacksBrax, to review their patent pending Quick Release Roof Bar Brackets. At first I thought, “Why would I, or any other 4WD and camping enthusiast, ever want to invest in this product?”. A couple of days later, the package arrived and I was blown away.

Sue sent me the HD Hitch, two Awning Adaptor Brackets, and a Lockable Wall Mounting Kit. On inspection, the packaging was well put together, as was the instructions. What really drew my attention was the Australian Made logo. It’s great to see innovative products being manufactured and sold in Australia.

The RacksBrax HD Hitch solves the ‘age old’ problem of mounting and removing awnings, PVC pipes, and other roof mounted accessories. The hitch itself is manufactured using UV stabilised glass-reinforced nylon in their Brisbane manufacturing hub, and has been rigorously tested in various conditions. Prior to the HD Hitch, owners had to unbolt their awnings to switch over their accessories. This took time and frustrated owners.

The HD Hitch takes seconds to install and remove. Better yet, the HD Hitch comes with Prop Cleats to make your awning freestanding without your vehicle. How cool is that!

If you want to swap your awning from passenger side to driver’s side, just invest in a second set of brackets and swap the awning over with ease, or mount your Recovery Trax on the driver’s side. The options are endless.

Switch from Work Mode to Play Mode

RacksBrax sell a lot of these HD Hitch systems to tradies who want to quickly swap out their mounted PVC pipes to their awning for a quick getaway. The HD Hitch can be easily locked so your gear is always safe and secure.

What can the RacksBrax HD Hitch fit now?

It can fit most standard square awnings, the Supapeg awning, Rhino Rack Batwing, and Oztent FoxWing. The Darche Eclipse awning doesn’t fit yet. Their engineers and designers are busy behind the scenes creating a HD Hitch that will fit Darche® wing-style awning soon. This innovative Australian based company continues to add value to their stable of Roof Bar brackets. They currently produce a vast range of accessories that make the hitches super-versatile.

Our Review

A fast, smart solution for the everyday driver. Once they nail the engineering and produce accessory brackets to suit a Darche 270 degree awning, the value in this system will skyrocket. I wouldn’t let this stop me from buying one now though. It’s best to buy two sets plus the wall mounting brackets. Anything that is owned and manufactured in Australia is usually good quality, and this is no exception. A brilliantly simple solution to an ‘age-old’ problem. 

Overall Score – 97%

Build Quality – 100%     Price Point/Value: 100%     Support: 100%     Fit for Purpose: 90%


HD Hitch Price: $149  – Wall Mount (pair) – $85


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